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Custom cable assembly overmold introduction

Custom cable assembly overmold introduction

Aimy Wang Original release from Goochain 2023-01-07 15:23:51

We usually see USB Cable assemblies of various shapes and directions for the connector head. Do you know that these shapes are all injection molded by metal molds? Let us learn about the molds for the production of USB data cables today!

First of all, let's understand the classification of plug / connector molds! Common plug molds include USB connector, DC plug, AC plug, audio plug, Medical electrode connectors, Ethernet RJ45 RJ50 Connectors, Pogo pin magnetic plugs, etc.

Goochain as a professional custom cable assembly factory who has a strong team of engineers who can provide drawings and quotations for customer development and design. When the customer confirms the plan and places an order, our mold can be put into production immediately, and the production cycle of the mold is generally 5-10 days! At this point, you may have to ask why the delivery time is so different, because the mold structure and the number of Caves of different designs will directly affect the production time of the mold, such as some relatively simple prototype molds or conventional USB molds, the production time will be relatively fast Some are generally available in 5-7 days; however, for some special elbow designs and complex design product molds, the production time will take about 10 days; after the production of these molds is completed, our sample engineers will erect them on the injection molding machine, Test the mold for the customer to ensure that the mold meets the standard and make a sample of the cable assemblies to the customer for confirmation and mass production!


Simple Push mold:

Features: low cost, short lead time for mold, suitable for products with small quantity orders or customers who need to verify the sample structure first
Disadvantages: Number of caves for the mold is less, and it cannot be fixed to the injection molding machine, but the mold can only be moved manually, and the production efficiency is low during mass production, resulting in increased production costs.


Fixed Molds:

Features: There are many mold cavities, and the upper and lower molds of the mold can be firmly fixed on the injection molding machine, reducing labor to realize automatic mold opening of the machine, improving batch production efficiency, and long service life of the mold.


Production equipment and process display: