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Goochain custom cable assembly manufacturers quality control team has our own laboratory to test our new designed usb data cables products. Test events include Plug and Pull Test, Pull Out Force Test, Swing Test and Salt Spray Test. Contact Now

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  • Introduction to USB Medical Therapy Cables and USB Type C ECG Cables manufacturer
    Release on2023-03-24
    With the widespread use of personal computers that support USB, USB has gradually become the standard interface for PCs. At the host end, the latest PC machines almost 100% support USB, while at the device end, devices that use USB interfaces, such as digital cameras, scanners, image devices, printers, keyboards, mice, etc., highlight the advantages of USB interfaces....Read More>>
  • Dual ports backpack external USB Type C cable manufacturer, suit case USB extension cable
    Release on2023-03-20
    When everyone is still using the old traditional external USB A port backpack charging cables, Goochain has launched a built-in backpack charging usb type C cable that comply  with the latest international standard USB C PD fast charging protocol interface, and can pass CE, ROHS, REACH international environmental protection certification The traditional backpack USB Cable does not have a built in Charging port,...Read More>>
  • ECG EEG EKG EMG Snap Lead wires and Medical device cable
    Release on2023-03-09
    ECG electrode lead wires consist of a plug that connects to the instrument, a main cable, a connector, lead wires, and lead wire buttons. The contact DC resistance of the plug, instrument socket, electrode connector, and ECG electrode connection should not exceed 1.0 ohm. These lead wires are used in conjunction with monitoring devices, ECG machines, and physiotherapy equipment, and are used to transmit electrophysiological signals collected from the surface of the human body....Read More>>
  • Introduction for various types of Power on-off switch USB Cables
    Release on2023-03-06
    Currently, there are more and more types of switch wires available on the market, such as those used for children's toys, small desk lamps, and small household appliances. Let me introduce the various types of switch wires produced by GOOCHAIN...Read More>>
  • How to choose the right Spring coiled spiral cord and cables manufacturer
    Release on2023-02-24
    As a professional spring coiled spiral cable assemblies manufacturer, Most of our Spring coiled Medical Cables, Spiral ethernet cables and RJ45 RJ50 Scanner cables produced by us using PU spring design cable, which is a device power connection wire that works using elasticity. It is usually made of TPU material cable and is used to control power connection for mobile devices....Read More>>
  • Introducing the Newest Innovation in Audio Connectivity: Banana Cables from professional banana cables manufacturer - Delivering Superior Sound Quality!
    Release on2023-02-17
    Banana plug, also known as lantern plug, is a type of plug commonly attached to both ends of speaker wires for insertion into banana sockets. The name of this plug comes from its slightly bulging shape. Originating in Germany after World War I, the initial form was assembled from a base, an iron nail, and a spring plate. Because the initial spring plate was stamped into four leaf-shaped metal pieces and inverted into the iron nail, it looked like a banana peeled into four pieces, hence the name "banana plug"....Read More>>
  • Custom USB Cables and it manufacturer
    Release on2023-02-09
    Introducing the newest addition to our line of custom USB cables - the perfect solution for all of your charging and data transfer needs. Our custom USB cables are are designed and manufactured by a leading custom USB cables factory with years of experience in the industry....Read More>>
  • Car Mount Flush USB Cable, Waterproof Extension for Car Truck Boat Motorcycle Dashboard Panel
    Release on2023-02-01
    The Car Mount flush USB Cable Waterproof Extension is commonly used for Car Truck Boat Motorcycle Dashboard Panel,It is waterproof, moisture-proof and dust-proof, supports hot-swappable, plug-and-play, and is easy and practical to install....Read More>>
  • What is an Ear Clip Electrodes for Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation ?
    Release on2023-01-10
    After reading this news you will know what is a CES ear clip electrodes made by, also the advantage of Conductive rubber ear clip compare than the other metal pad conductive ear clip electrodes...Read More>>
  • What is ECG Electrode Snap button ?
    Release on2023-01-08
    After this reading you will know more types of ECG EKG EMG Snap button as well as to know the materials of ecg snap button made by....Read More>>
  • Backpack external USB Type C interface cable for shoulder bags and suit case
    Release on2022-12-02
    The external USB charging interface cable of the backpack is used on backpacks/luggage and other bags, so that it is convenient to place the mobile power supply in the backpack when going out to charge electronic devices without holding it by hand. There are USB charging cables at both ends of the USB charging interface. When in use, the two ends are connected to the mobile power supply and the electronic device respectively, and then the charging can be carried out. It will not affect the normal use of the electronic device at all, which is very convenient and practical....Read More>>
  • What is USB 3.1 Type C and introduction of USB C cord cable
    Release on2022-11-30
    Reading about this you will know what is is USB Type C cable used for and what is the data transfer speed USB Type C support, You can also get their functions for custom USB Type C cable...Read More>>
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