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What is PoweredUSB and Powered USB Cable applications

What is PoweredUSB and Powered USB Cable applications

Aimy Wang Original 2022-05-04 16:45:54

1.Instroduction OF PoweredUSB connectors Plugs:


Poweredusb connectors are divided into 3 types: 5V Poweredusb plug,12V PoweredUSB Plug,24V PoweredUSB Plug, which can respectively support 5V/12V/24V enough current while maintaining high-speed and stable data transmission. The plug interface is Designed by different colors and fool-proof positions to avoid wrong insertion,

2. PoweredUSB Cables usage and applications:


Widely used in digital products, mainly used in printers, scanners, cash registers, scanners, POS machines, HUB serial hubs and other equipment,

3.Goochain PoweredUSB Cables and Powered USB Connectors Introduction:

PoweredUSB Connector: according to customer needs, use original or domestic alternative high-quality connectors,

PoweredUSB Cables wire: UL20276 standard double-shielded wire is used to reduce the loss of charging and transmission,also to ensure it meet poweredusb standard cable specifications

Production characteristics: The original Poweredusb plugs are assemble type,with Goochain professional engineering design we make it to be injection type Poweredusb cables which increases the firmness, reliability and service life of the product,

Customization: As a professional Poweredusb cables manufacturer Quickly customize production according to customer requirements, with diversified materials and styles for customers to choose

Quality assurance: 100% full inspection, Taiwan precision cable testing machine, rest assured and safe to use,

Environmental protection requirements:  All of our custom injection 12V 24V PoweredUSB Extension cables are comply with ROHS, REACH standards, in line with all requirements of reliability and various electrical tests


4. Some types of Poweredusb cables that Goochain made for your reference: