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What is USB 3.1 Type C and introduction of USB C cord cable

What is USB 3.1 Type C and introduction of USB C cord cable

Aimy Wang Original from Goochain 2022-11-30 14:21:41

We Goochain as a Custom USB Type C cable China factory we can customize the USB Type C cables by different pin out as well as overmolding shapes based on customer requirements,

Common USB Type C Features:

1. Faster transmission speed: TYPE-C 3.0 can reach 5Gbps, TYPE-C 3.1 can reach 10Gbps

2. Faster charging speed: the conventional TYPE-C can reach 60W/PD fast charging, and the TYPE-C with PD chip can reach 100W/PD fast charging

3. Smaller size: the plug is smaller and can support double-sided blind insertion, which reduces the damage rate of the interface

Bellow are some example of our custom usb type C connectors

Introduction of custom TYPE-C male to female extension cable and adapter produced by Goochain

1. When the length of the original data line is not enough, it can play the role of extending the data line
2. It can avoid the frequent direct plugging and unplugging of data cables to the ports of devices such as mobile phones and tablets, which can protect the data charging interface of the device and improve the service life of the device interface.
3. Male-to-female extension cables and adapters support fast charging, data, OTG, HDMI, audio, video transmission and other full-featured extended use

Introduction of Custom USB Type C cable manufacturer Goochain that produces USB Type C to USB Type C cable:

1. The wire is made of 100% pure copper, environmentally friendly plastic material, the power line is thickened, the signal line is twisted + aluminum foil shielding, to ensure fast charging and data functions, and reduce loss
2. There are a variety of styles of private molds for customers to choose and customize, and support small batch customized production and proofing
3. Professional engineering team can develop and design according to customer needs