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The differences between physical ECG snap buttons to Magnetic ECG snaps for Electrode lead wires

The differences between physical ECG snap buttons to Magnetic ECG snaps for Electrode lead wires

Rose Xu Original Writing 2022-04-12 11:19:15

Goochain Magnetic Snap Electrode Therapy Cables:


The advantages of the magnetic buckle Snap physiotherapy Cables are convenience, a bit of a fool-like plug connection, no need to distinguish the direction of docking, stable performance, easier to use, and more convenient and convenient for the elderly to use. Magnetic Snap physiotherapy cable is mainly used for charging on health physiotherapy equipment products, through the stimulation of micro-current, to achieve the effect of massage and beauty, such as beauty equipment, rehabilitation training machine, electronic mask equipment, massage equipment, household pulse physiotherapy equipment and Children's electronic circuit teaching aids, physical solar energy, wind energy teaching aids and other equipment.

Goochain's magnetic snap button ECG EEG EKG EMG Cables Specification:


1. Length: We regularly make 0.2 meter,0.5 meter, 1 meter , 2 meters,However,Customized length is supported for our Electrode magnetic cables as well

2.Wire specification: We use high quality and medical grade Tinsel wire, bare copper,oxygen-free copper for our Medical ECG cables,Special required cables can also customized

3.Electrode therapy cables Jacket: We use high quality TPU,PVC,Rubber Jacket for all of our custom ECG Cables and EMG Lead wires,

4.Colors:Normal colors for Magnetic eletrode lead wires are Light gray,we make custom ECG Cables colors as well,such as red,black,white,yellow or any color that customer requires

5.Injection color for magnetic snap buttons : Red,black,blue yellow or customized ones

The Magnetic snap electrode cables that we made are as following:


USB A male to magnetic ecg snap lead wires

Micro USB to electrode magnetic snap cables

USB Type C magnetic ecg eeg ekg emg cables

Lemo plugs ECG Lead wires with magnetic snap connector

3 Leads electrode therapy magnetic ecg eeg ekg emg snap cable with audio jack

Dual magnetic electrode lead wires for electrode pads

Our private molds for magnetic snap cables are 9.0mm, 3.5mm magnetic ecg snap,Dual magnetic ecg snap for facial massager pads,We can also do OEM and ODM Services for customer, We welcome your contacts,Bellow are some of our magnetic snap lead wires design,

Application scenarios


Electronic Facial masks devices,EMS Facial pads lead wires


Physiotherapy massagers



Children's electronic circuit teaching aids