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Process of making a high quality medical ECG EEG EKG EMG Cable

Process of making a high quality medical ECG EEG EKG EMG Cable

Wayne Guo 2022-02-10 16:11:36

Introduction of self-locking LEMO connector

The LEMO connector uses a combined structure design, which can flexibly meet various use requirements, is suitable for high-density installation, saves space, and the plug-in operation is simple, fast and safe. Pulling the cable will not cause the plug to fall off the socket.
It is absolutely safe and reliable after the vibration and electric shock test. All metal parts are processed by precision machining, and the contacts of the pin core are all gold-plated. : Plastic, stainless steel, brass alloy housing, aluminum, etc. The appearance of the product is beautiful and generous, which helps you to improve the grade of the product

Introduction to the application scope of LEMO medical lead wires

Widely used in medical products, mainly in analytical machines, process instruments, dental equipment, other equipment (sensors, catheters), electrosurgery equipment, pacemakers and hearing aids, patient monitors, portable or home equipment, scanning Instrument, sterilization equipment UL60601, sleep instrument, monitor, respirator, ultrasonic therapy instrument, micro drill, nuclear magnetic resonance, blood pump, defibrillator, ventilator, X-ray machine, operating bed, signal connection and transmission

Goochain LEMO lead wire product features introduction

Connectors: original or domestic high-quality connectors are used according to customer needs
Cable and wire material: medical grade TPU flexible double-shielded wire material is used, which has the characteristics of anti-interference, bending resistance, softness, etc.
Production process: Sleeves are used to isolate the welding pins to prevent short circuits, and the tail of the plug is protected by a folding protective sheath or integrated injection molding.
Increase product firmness, reliability, and longer service life
Customization: Quickly customize production according to customer requirements, with diversified materials and styles for customers to choose
Quality assurance: 100% full inspection, Taiwan precision cable testing machine, rest assured and safe to use
Environmental protection requirements: in line with ROHS, REACH standards, in line with all requirements of reliability and various electrical tests

Some LEMO lead wire examples of Goochain

Customer usage scenarios

Use sleeve isolation to prevent short circuit at pin soldering

Assemble the anti-folding sheath at the end of the plug: prevent pulling and bending

Plug tail injection molding: prevent pulling, bending, enhance firmness