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Do you know anything about RJ48 RJ50 10P10C Ethernet cable ? you will find out it here

Do you know anything about RJ48 RJ50 10P10C Ethernet cable ? you will find out it here

Wayne Guo 2022-02-28 21:17:46

The Registered Jack, RJ connector is a very common network connection accessory, which is used to realize the connection between the network cable and the network cable interface of the network device, but the line composed of the RJ50 registered jack is a communication cable, not a separate link network cable, which is suitable for computer peripheral products. , Programmer, machine equipment signal detection instructions, telecommunications, communication networks, cameras, POS machines, printers, barcode scanners, cash register scanners, Inrico walkie-talkie equipment, etc. to transmit data signals.

The RJ50 connector is a new 10-core pure copper gold-plated product with good contact and good transmission performance. It has 10 contact positions and 10 contacts, so it is also called a 10-position 10-point connector. They are used for data connections in products from different manufacturers and sometimes for microphone connections in mobile radios.

Cable specification of RJ50 10P10C Cablse

1.1 Wire specifications: All copper oxygen-free copper specifications are our common specifications, and can also be customized according to requirements
1.2 Plug Specifications: Nickel-plated Gold-plated
1.3 Outer quilt material: PVC rubber,
1.4 Outer quilt color: red, black, white, green, orange, purple orchid. Can also be customized as required
2. Test
2.1 100% continuity test (including open, short circuit, impedance characteristics)
2.2 Insulation resistance: greater than 5MΩ
2.3 On-resistance: less than 5Ω
3. Environmental protection level: RoHS+REACH

RJ50 Wire category:

1. UBS male to RJ50 10P10C Cable, compatible with Honeywell Metrologic Barcode Scanner
MS7120 MK7120 and other types of printers,
2.RJ50 plug to RJ50 10P10C plug,
3. RJ50 10P10C plug to DB9 RS232 serial port and other connectors,
4. RJ50 to db25 Cable factories
The following are some RJ50 Cables that Goochain Made:

RJ48 RJ50 Cables applications: