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What is an Ear Clip Electrodes for Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation ?

What is an Ear Clip Electrodes for Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation ?

Chen Original release 2023-01-10 09:38:46

As a medical cable and accessory factory, our CES Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation ear clip electrodes manufacturer are specialized in making these products with patent certification and other product certificate, We are also an ISO 13485 Certified manufacturer for Medical ECG Lead wires


CES stimulation Ear clip elctrodes function introdution:

Through the CES Electrode ear clip to conduct a specially designed micro-current, in terms of sleep aid effect, it can diffusely stimulate the limbic system of the brain, affect and improve abnormal brain waves, and stimulate the production of brain secreted conductive substances, such as brain endorphins and serotonin , Acetylcholine, etc.

These three conduction substances can basically affect the production of irritability, depression, and anxiety, and achieve the effect of nerve coordination, so they are more effective than other methods.

The differences between Goochain CES stimulation Electrode Ear Lope Clip and a tens electrodes ear clip that made by other companies:

The ear clips on the market are usually metal Pads, which make them have a more obvious foreign body feeling in the clip feeling. In winter, the cold metal will also cause some discomfort to the users, but our company has carried out unprecedented innovation on it. The metal pad was changed to a Conductive Ces Therapy Carbon/Rubber Ear Clip Electrodes material that is more skin-friendly, lighter in grip, and does not freeze the ear. The change in material not only brings about an update in tactile sensation, but also greatly improves its functional resistance. Obtained, by customizing silicone, our company can stabilize its function at 0.2-1KΩ, and can also customize the required resistance value according to customer requirements. Different silicone designs can also provide customers with more choices, adapting to different CES earlobe characteristics of customers from various countries. , under this innovation, we still retain the stability of the CES ELECTRODE CABLE WITH EAR CLIPS, and you don't need to worry about it falling off during normal operations.

Excellent performance: various appearances, and convenient customized services make Goochain tens ear clips electrodes stand out among similar products on the market!

Advantage of Goochain Conductive carbon ear clip electrodes :

Patent Product : With an independent appearance patent, the same model is not easy to appear on the market, making your product unique and safe by ordering from us,

Customization: The appearance is beautiful and elegant, with single-sided, double-sided, thin silicone, and thick silicone in various styles, which can adapt to the different earlobe characteristics of customers from various countries, and various colors, which can match the shape of the host product to enhance the product's selling point.

Quality assurance: 100% full inspection quality assurance, with ROHS, REACH, CE and other environmental certifications.

ISO 13485 Certified Medical cable manufacturer,